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Advanced Skin Treatments

Crystal Clear Skin System
Proven to dramatically and visibly improve the textures and appearance of the skin. It reduces and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping to diminish age spots, sun damage and scar tissue including acne scarring. The vacuum action of the treatment also gives a rejuvenating lift whilst stimulating new collagen and elastin production deep within the skin.

A course of treatments is recommended – see below.
Crystal Clear Luxury Facial
The Crystal Clear microdermabrasion treatment combined with specialised skin care techniques and products designed to firm, lift and revitalise the skin. The Optional Add-on Eye Treatment is a powerful mask that lifts and firms the delicate eye area.
Single treatment 55min 62.00 Course of 6 treatments 335.00
Optional add-on eye treatment 8.00

Crystal Clear Beauty Flash Treatment
The Crystal Clear microdermabrasion treatment for all skin types, to deep cleanse and diminish imperfections on the surface of the skin.
Face treatment 25min 37.00 Course of 6 treatments 189.00

A specialist range of skincare developed by medics to nourish, protect and promote a healthy balanced skin. Using a powerful vitamin A complex a normalising effect on the skin is achieved which can treat a wide variety of skin conditions including the effects of ageing, uneven pigmentation, congested skin and acne (teenage and adult). To work alongside this range we do the Ionzyme Facial. A specialist treatment designed to rebalance the skin and assist the absorption of the vitamins.
Price on request

Cosmetic Enhancements
Lynn Warren, our visiting medical consultant, has over a decade of experience in aesthetic medical practice and is a recognised product trainer for the industry. Treatments include: a range of dermal fillers Hydrafil, Teosyal, Hylaronic acid and collagen, which gently plump out the deep lines of the face; muscle relaxants which treat frown lines and crows feet and give the eyes a lifted appearance; sclerotherapy which is used for the treatment of leg veins; Glycolic acid and Phenol peels which can be used to treat problematic skin.
From 195.00

Red vein, milia and skin tag removal. Consultation required.
From 25.00

The award winning CACI micro-current system is the leader in the non-surgical face lift market. With visible results, it firms and tones the facial contours whilst simultaneously improving the texture and appearance of the superficial layers of the skin. The skin is left feeling hydrated, toned and with a renewed freshness. Our NEW Ultra machine allows us to personalise the facial with skin resurfacing, wrinkle plumping and light therapy for skin rejuvenation and healing combined with the very latest techniques and technology. 55/70/80 mins A course of treatment is recommended.
CACI Facial 52.00 Course of 10 facials 468.00
CACI Extra Facial 66.00 Course of Extra facials 594.00
CACI Ultimate Facial 79.00 Course of Ultimate facials 711.00